Binaural spatialization

Spatializer is a plugin that enables the possibility to spatialize the sound of an input track, using a technique of binaural spatialization.

See the following link for more details :

The Spatializer plugin enables the possibility to setup the position of the sound source in the space, as well as a width parameter which enables to possibility to make the sound source more or less punctual or diffuse. The output gain is also adjustable.

The Spatializer plugin adds a huge potential compared to a simple left/right pan. The listener will be able indeed to localize accurately a spatialized sound, not only “rather on the left” or “rather on the right”, but also “in front”, “behind”, “above”, “below” ans all the intermediate positions. Please note that for an optimized rendering, listening with headphones is highly recommended.









Minimal configuration: Windows 7 / Mac OS X 10.9

Formats: VST / VST3 / AAX / AU









List of the knobs

Azimuth and elevation knobs enable the possibility to position the sound source on a sphere around the head. The sound source if displayed as a dot around the head.

  1. Azimuth knob. Enables the possibility to position the sound source on an horizontal plane (left/right/front/back). Value from 0° to 360°.
  2. Elevation knob. Enables the possibility to position the sound source on a vertical plane (below/front/above). Value from -90° to 40°.
  3. Knob for setup the “width” of the sound source. Value from 1° (point source) to 90° (highly diffuse source).
  4. Gain knob. Applying the ear response to a sound can modify the sound level. This gain know enables the possibility to modify the sound level after the spatialization, and also to modify the perception of the distance of the sound. Value from -6db to 6dB.



Version history

v2.5.1 (10/08/2017)

  • New design of the interface

v1.1 (09/01/2017)

  • Improved parameters smoothing
  • Azimuth and elevation knobs react faster

v1.0 (07/01/2017)

  • Initial version

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